Websites and Web Design

Web design has been our bread and butter since 2018. We offer full-service hosting and design services, with actual human support right here in the Twin Cities.

The WordPress logo

We’re wizards with WordPress

A fact of life: WordPress is popular. Some (like us) love it, while others don’t. While every customer is different, for most small and medium businesses and non-profits we work with, we find WordPress has the best balance of cost and performance.

We’ve built and maintained WordPress sites for our customers for years. We handle hosting on our own server infrastructure, so that you can focus on your work and not your website.

Nothing speaks better than our work. Check out our portfolio to see examples of how Violet Sky gets WordPress done.

Clever consultations for your website

Have an existing website and need help making something fun happen? Maybe you just “need to change hosting providers” and don’t know what that means?

If you’re up to your ears in technobabble, or just want to bounce ideas off of a professional, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

Keep it simple, keep it fast

When we build a website, we tend to focus on simplicity and speed, instead of flash and frills. All too often, web designers are chasing the latest features, causing bloat and slow loading times. If a customer has to wait five seconds for your page to load, they might just click off; we don’t want you to lose that sale.

Of course, we can add sizzle to a speedy website too, by paying careful attention to the latest design and technical standards.