Meet the Carys

Our family has been working to make a difference as public employees for years. Now we can work for you, too.

About Veronica Cary

Veronica Cary is an award winning technology developer, project manager, and public speaker.

In 2010, she began a career in government working for Anoka County, Minnesota, and was quickly recognized for her innovative ideas and optimistic attitude. At Anoka, she created a unique scripting solution to connect multiple computer systems together, and it soon spread across the entire state of Minnesota. From 2014-2018, Veronica worked for the State of Minnesota teaching county employees how to build and implement their own scripts, and managing a statewide collaborative of developers and users.

Now that Veronica has left state employment and founded Violet Sky, LLC, she can put her unique skillset to work for private businesses as well as the public and non-profit sectors. Click here to read what people have said about Veronica's work.

Photo of Veronica Cary
Photo of Jacqui Cary

About Jacqui Cary

Jacqui Cary is a visual artist, graphic designer, and color theorist.

For over ten years, Jacqui Cary has worked as a public employee in various capacities, including supervision and program management. As a PSEO student, she attended Anoka-Ramsey Community College, before obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Minnesota in 2009. In addition to traditional media such as canvas and sculpture, Jacqui has created artwork for two commercially-released albums, designed logos for companies and non-profit organizations, and even decorated homes for a few families in the Twin Cities.

In addition to her work with Violet Sky, LLC, Jacqui builds community through teaching high schoolers about leadership and civic engagement at a Twin Cities high school.

What people have said about Veronica's work

Veronica did much more than build time-saving tools for our county and the state. She led a team that achieved things not often seen in local government: fast turnaround times, cooperation and buy-in across numerous agencies, and a focus on always keeping the project focused on the end-user experience while remaining policy compliant. Working with Veronica was a refreshing change from the status-quo that produced amazing results.

David Courtright, St. Louis County Financial Assistance Trainer

Veronica’s innovations using scripting for her own case management was recognized for increasing accuracy and timeliness. She developed partnerships and collaborations to lead the development and implementation of scripting across the state.

Miriam Kopka, Anoka County Programs Manager (retired)

She taught me to code and helped me further my career by fostering valuable technology skills which are so important in today's work place... Each county that received her help was extremely grateful for the time savings her work provided the day to day workers. She has always had a good eye for progress and creative solutions.

Charles Potter, Child Support Officer

Veronica and I worked collaboratively on the department's web page. Veronica was instrumental in creating innovations to electronic forms delivery methods to staff.