Ethics and Freedom

For Violet Sky, how we do what we do is just as important as what we do.

Community building, transparency, and hope

We honed our skills as public employees, devoted to supporting the public good, and we carry that devotion with us into our family business.

Unlike some companies who specialize in technology or design services, Violet Sky operates under a transparent pricing model for customers. We refrain from adding hidden fees to your invoices, and we carefully track hours and mileage to avoid overcharging you. We'll even give you a rundown of the time spent on your project, if requested.

We also make our services available to community resources and the non-profit sector at a discounted rate, and when possible, we have volunteered time and assets to organizations that serve the public good.

Freedom to share, build, and collaborate

Many companies build software behind closed doors, and keep you from evaluating their work. Not us.

Violet Sky commits to releasing all software under a Free and Open Source license whenever possible, allowing you (or anyone else) to evaluate our hard work, and build even better things from it. We offer our software for free to the public, in order to promote a Free and Open Source world. For users or organizations who require direct support, we offer paid support plans to help you get going.