Technology Development

From custom database solutions to in-house display dashboards, we can design and build an application tailor-made for your project or business.

App development

We love industry-standard frameworks such as Laravel, Flask, and Ruby on Rails. You’ll love the stability. From on-site databases to hybrid cloud, we’ve got you covered.

System management

Too many developers don’t know how to fix a broken server. We speak Linux, Windows, BSD, and Mac. We could probably connect your toaster to Facebook (if you want).

Legacy systems

COBOL doesn’t scare us. You know what does scare us? Haphazard modernization. We can maintain and incrementally improve your older systems.

A picture of a scripting flowchart.

Scripting on top of your applications

Often, with legacy applications, the need arises to run a report other than what’s been baked into your code. If you want to pull some data from a green screen into a modern database, we’re the gals who can make it happen.

We’ve got experience with numerous professional terminal emulators, including Rocket BlueZone1. We can also work with legacy scripts written in languages like VBScript, BASIC, or Rexx, converting them into supported languages such as Python, Ruby, or JavaScript.

1. Rocket BlueZone is a registered trademark of Rocket Software.