All work is political

We cannot ignore the fact that everything we do, from where we live to what we choose to do for work, forms a statement about our values.

In 2020, we’ve heard the phrase “in these challenging times” so often, it burns our ears a little bit. We’ve all become numb to corporations trying to “assure” us that things will be OK. Assurance alone isn’t going to solve any problems- only our collective effort can build the world we want.

As individuals, Jacqui and I have always been pretty vocal about who we are and how we feel about the world around us. We’ve carried this into our careers, choosing projects and partnerships not just based on personal financial impacts, but also based on the values we share.

Recently, it has come to my attention that we may have lost a potential customer after raising our voices in support of justice for George Floyd. To be honest, I was stunned when I found out. After thinking on it for a few days, I’m truly glad we lost that sale. Black lives matter, and we don’t want to support anyone who doesn’t know that. Full stop.

All work is political, and failing to speak up when you have a platform to do so is itself a political act- an act of supporting oppressors. Everything we do forms a statement about our values.

As this is the first post on our new blog, we wanted to make sure future visitors know where we stand. We intend on pursuing our share of the collective effort of confronting our own biases, dismantling white supremacy, and building a just world.